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Convolute abrasive wheels WIW/A

Convolute abrasive wheels for sanding solid wood and veneered mouldings

Type WIW/A

Product details:

  • For this type of convolute abrasive wheel aluminium oxide “A” non woven material is used. It is impregnated with resin which creates a compact wheel that is easy to shape.
  • The structure of this abrasive convolute wheel and the correct balance between non woven and resin impregnation gives this wheel excellent abrasion hardness during the sanding operation.
  • This type of wheel is easy to shape and maintains its shaped profile until final consumption.


  • Sanding on many different types of solid wood.
  • Sanding on veneered wood in automatic machines with sanding belts and wheels for finishing.
  • Sanding of solid wood and veneered edges.

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  • Available grains: CIX/A VF – CIX/A F – CIX/A M – CIX/A C
    Available density on all wheels: D6 (soft) – D8 (medium) – D10 (hard)


    BORE mm

    150 mm

    25 mm or 50

    200 mm

    76 mm

    250 mm

    115 mm or 127

    300 mm

    127 or 150 mm

    350 mm

    200 mm

    We are able to produce wheels with diameters and bores different from standard.