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Compact flap wheels for Wood W/K

Compact flap wheels for wood – Type W/K

Type W/K is a flap wheel composed of non woven material impregnated with resin which keeps the single flaps welded together. In this way the properties of the non woven material are maintained and the following properties are achieved:

Compact Flap Wheels – Product details:

  1. Increase abrasive capability compared to a standard flap wheel with the same grain.
  2. During the sanding operation the non woven material does not bend thus increasing efficiency.
  3. Because the wheel is more compact, wheel shaping is easier and the wheel profile will remain constant over the flap wheels working life.

Compact Flap Wheels – Applications:

  1. PU lacquer buffing (two or three coats);
  2. UV acrylic lacquer buffing;
  3. Extruded gesso sanding (both synthetic and water based);
  4. Water based lacquer buffing;
  5. Sanding of solid and veneered wood: this is the most successful application of this product as it highlights the natural beauty of the wood. It removes the raised fibres of the wood while softening the burnishing effects caused by the cutting action of the moulder knives.

This type of compact flap wheel for wood is also effective in “feathering in” the overlapping lines of the belt sanding.

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  • Wheel type W/K: grit and main application




    W/K 4A

    SC 800

    PU – UV – WATER BASED lacquers

    W/K AAA

    SC 400

    PU – UV lacquers

    W/K AA

    SC 320

    PU – UV lacquers

    W/K A

    SC 240

    PU – UV lacquers, veneered wood

    W/K B

    SC 280

    PU – UV lacquers


    SC 280

    PU – Primers sealers

    W/K C

    SC 150

    PU – UV lacquers

    W/KC 01

    SC 150

    UV – Extruded gesso – Veneered wood

    W/K D

    SC 120

    PU – UV lacquers, veneered wood

    W/K DD 02

    SC 120

    Veneered wood

    W/K E

    SC 80

    Extruded gesso – Veneered wood

    Available dimensions:





    Ø 100


    Ø 25

    The wheel thickness ranges
    from 10 mm to a
    maximum of 700 mm:
    possible cuts every 5 mm

    Ø 150

    Ø 30-50

    Ø 200

    Ø 76

    Ø 250

    Ø 115-127

    Ø 300

    Ø 150

    Ø 350

    Ø 200