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Abrasive wheels for solid wood mouldings and edges CL

Abrasive wheels for solid wood – Type CL

The abrasive wheel type CL is suitable for medium hard and resinous solid wood sanding such as“ pine, spruce, douglas fir, ramin, samba, ayus and other similar woods”.

Abrasive wheels for solid wood – Product details:

  • The abrasive wheel type CL is produced with a solid resinoid material which is bonded together with a synthetic adhesive.
  • Although the resinous wheel is hard, in actuality it shapes with ease and holds its profile perfectly throughout its life.
  • For the best sanding results the following factors should be considered:
    • The choice of the abrasive grain depends on the type of wood to be sanded (resinous woods with grit 100 – 120 – 150 and for medium hard woods grit 80 – 100) taking in consideration that if the wood has large imperfections or cutter marks it is advisable to use a combination of two different wheels (the first one for rough cutting and the second one for smooth finishing)
    • The best sanding result, without surface burning effect, is achieved by synchronizing wheel r.p.m. with the machine feed speed, which has to be constant and proportional.

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  • Wheel type CL - grit indication
    Available Grits: 46 - 60 - 80 - 100 - 120 - 150-180
    Other grits are available on request





    Ø 250


    Ø 100

    From 10 mm up to a
    maximum of 190 mm : possible
    cuts every 5 mm

    Ø 200

    Ø 76 - 50-30

    Ø 150

    Ø 50 - 30-25

    Ø 100

    Ø 30-25