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Abrasive wheels for mdf mouldings and edges HM – GT

Abrasive Wheels for mdf Mouldings and Edges – Type HM – Type GT

Abrasive Wheel type HM is suitable for medium and high density MDF. It is produced with a solid resin which is bonded together with the abrasive grains.

Abraisve Wheel type GT is suitable for medium density MDF, it is produced with a solid resin which is bonded together with the abrasive grains. The slightly softer structure of this type of wheel (GT) makes shaping easier compared to the HM type. However, it is less aggressive in stock removal.

Abrasive Wheels for mdf Mouldings – Product details and applications:

  1. The HM wheel is relatively dense. Although it’s solid appearance may indicate the wheel is difficult to shape in reality it shapes easily in a few minutes. The wheel profile will remain the same during working operation maintaining the sharpest details throughout its life.
  2. This type of wheel when used on a profile sanding machine with automatic wear compensation results in superior MDF sanding. Additionally, the wheel exhibits an extended life time when compared to abrasive belts.
  3. Wheel grit should be chosen based on the moulding surface condition and MDF quality (80 grit for fibrous MDF and 120 – 150 grit for MDF with less fiber).
  4. For the best finish it is advisable to position more wheels with equivalent grain in the same section of moulding profile to be sanded. In order to remove the dust from the profile the last wheel should have a rotation against the feeding direction of the machine. This will ensure the best possible finish.

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  • Wheel type HM - grit indication
    Wheel type GT - grit indication
    Available grits: 60 - 80 - 100 - 120 - 150 - 180-220
    Other grits are available on request





    Ø 250


    Ø 100

    From 10 mm up to a 
    maximum of 190 mm: 
    possible cuts every 5 mm 

    Ø 200

    Ø 76 - 50-30

    Ø 150

    Ø 50 - 30-25