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This is an easy process based on 12 steps that shows you how to shape an abrasive wheel.

  • Feed the moulding into the sanding machine.
  • Stop the moulding underneath the motor where the abrasive wheel is installed.
  • Start the wheel motor rotation and keep the moulding in place.
  • Lower the wheel motor in order to put the wheel in contact with the moulding.
  • Keep the wheel in contact with the moulding and wait 10 – 15 seconds , thus the wheel will increase its temperature and will become easier to shape.
  • After 10 – 15 seconds advance the moulding forward about 2 – 3 cm, always keeping the wheel in contact with the moulding.
  • Keep on doing this operation as required (move forward the moulding and keep the wheel in contact with the moulding) until you can see the wheel has the same profile as the moulding.
How to Shape Abrasive Wheel

How to shape an Abrasive Wheel

  • At this point feed another piece of moulding into the machine and move it forward and backward it with the wheel in rotation until the wheel is perfectly clean and its shape is same as the profile section of the moulding.
  • Stop the wheel and check that the shape is matching the profile section of the moulding.
  • When the motor is OFF and with the profile under the shaped wheel, lower the wheel close to the profile but without too much pressure thus to have the wheel rotating with minimum friction.
how to perfectly shape an abrasive wheel

how to perfectly shape an abrasive wheel

  • Now we are ready to start the sanding operation, set the speed of the abrasive wheel at 1450 RPM and set the feeding speed of machine at minimum 15 – 20 mt./min..
  • When you start sanding, as a matter of control, we advise to put some marks with a pencil
  • on the section of the profile and check afterwards if the wheel has removed those marks.a) If the wheel is not working properly act on the automatic compensation of the wheel
    motor until the wheel and profile fit perfectly.
    b) If the wheel is too rough and there are burning marks on the wood or mdf profile increase the feeding speed of the machine until the desired finishing result is achieved.

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